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Kids Reading Outdoor

Summer Reading Information: 

     In an effort to keep upcoming 6th, 7th, and 8th grade OMS students engaged in literacy throughout the summer, students are expected to read one or more novels from the following grade level list and are expected to select one project to complete from the grade level project options. 

The  novel should be read in its entirety before school starts and the project should be completed and turned in to the student’s ELA teacher the first week of school in August. Completion of the summer reading expectation will ensure that students are well-prepared to participate in classroom discussions and are ready to begin the year with the rigor and challenges of Bradley County Schools district ELA curriculum, StudySync (McGraw-Hill).

     Books should be selected according to interest and reading ability and from the students upcoming grade level list. If your child is struggling with a book, please have them try another text that more comfortably fits their reading level.

Summer Reading Tools: 

Tools to access Digital Copies from the OMS Library: 

    We are able to offer each of our Summer Reading titles in several different formats. One of those formats requires some FREE app downloads. Tutorials on getting these set up on any device can be located on our Destiny Resources page! 

Tools to access Digital Copies from the Cleveland Bradley Public Library: 

     Below are some resources and information about how you can gain access to the Public Library, a great resource for our Summer Reading Program! 

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