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The Writing Process: P.O.W.

Step 1: Pulling Apart the Prompt

 - Make a Do/What Chart

 - Read through the prompt that will tell you what you need to DO

 - Answer the question WHAT for the DO that you found. 

 - Check for any more DO words. 

 - Repeat the same process

You will end this process with a detailed to do list that also serves as a rough outline for your essay.  

Think of this step as MAKING A TO DO LIST! 

to do list image.png



Step 2: Organize Your Thoughts

T.I.D.E. = 1 paragraph

Brainstorm to Success

T: Topic Sentence for your paragraph. (main idea, introduction of topic) 

I: Important Evidence 

D: Detailed Evaluation (how does it support your main idea/ topic sentence?)

E: Ending Sentence - Restate the topic sentence.

You will use this format for each of your paragraphs. 

** You can use more than one set of I.D.'s in a paragraph. 

Step 3: Write

In the Classroom

You now have everything you need to write your paper! 

Using the outline that you have created by going through each part of the POW TIDE process, you will now put all of your ideas together in complete sentences. This should be the easiest part of the process. All the hard work has already been done! 

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