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About the Inez Clemmer Library

"When I think of a champion - I think of Mrs. Clemmer. The gift of learning and understanding she has given to us is one we can never repay. She was very special and one of God's wonderful people." 
- Steve Sloan               

@ Ocoee Middle School

"The worse of us are better than we wold have been without her influence. For the best of us, it could be said that if we understand people as well and deal with them as fairly as Mrs. Clemmer did, it would be one of the highest compliments we could receive."
 - Judge Andrew Bennett              
"Mrs. Clemmer was one of the most insightful and dedicated educators I have ever met ."
 - Lebron Montgomery             
 Inez Clemmer, The Oceean 1958           
"Mrs. Clemmer influenced me as a student, athlete, teacher, and mother... Although she never coached me on the basketball or tennis court, she coached me in life. When I was... inducted into the Bradley Old Timers Hall of Fame, I mentioned her in my acceptance speech as to how she toughened me up and softened it with love and caring ."
 - Silvia Lauderdale Coates             
Our Philosophy
Ring of Light Bulbs

Our goal at the Inez Clemmer Library is to support the faculty and students as they embark on their mission of teaching and learning. We strive to be a place of reflection, research, and relaxation. 

     We want to provide a place for students and faculty to stretch beyond their scopes of required learning and delve into a place of personal growth and expansion. 

Our History

"In May 2001, the Bradley County Board of Education voted to rename the Ocoee Middle School Library in honor of Inez Clemmer. The support of the Board, OMS PTO, community, and family allowed the Inez Clemmer Library to be transformed into a pleasing and inviting environment....

A volunteer group overseeing the publication of Lessons, Laughter, and Tough Love: The Inez Clemmer Legacy allowed the proceeds of the publication to benefit the Inez Clemmer Library. The memory project team consisted of James Floyd, the librarian at Ocoee Middle School Traci Hamilton, and former PTO president Sandy Wallis."

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