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Destiny Quest


Search the library's collection to find the perfect book for pleasure or required reading! Make a book list of titles you want to read this year, or compile a list sources for a research project! 

Write a review for a book that you loved and want to recommend to your friends, or place a hold and  reserve an item that you would like to check out but may not be available yet. 


There are tools in Destiny Quest that are great for interacting with your students outside of the classroom! Recommend books for students to read. They will love seeing your reviews and may be more inclined to check out certain items once they see that you have also enjoyed them! You can create a classroom list of titles that you would like for them to choose from for a particular assignment. 

Digital Resources


Access eBooks and audiobooks all through Destiny Quest. If you have a smart phone or tablet, access tutorials and more information about downloading apps that will allow you to take those digital resources anywhere! 

Ebook Reader
Girl reading in library


Provided by TEL

Search through a variety of resources and databases for that perfect piece of evidence that will support your thesis, idea, or argument. Provided freely to all Tennessee residents, Tennessee Electronic Library provides a wealth of information at you fingertips! 


Dig In! (Coming Soon)

Citation Help

Need tips on formatting or citations? Can't seem to get that bibliography page just right? You're in the right place! Visit our Citation help page below for all the help you could ever need getting those margins to heel, commas to be in their place, and those indentations in line! 

Access Citation Resources (Coming Soon)
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