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Registration is now OPEN!! - 

Reservation Tip: 

Be sure to check the calendar for current bookings before making your reservations. 

Library Services

Below is a list of services that the Ocoee Middle School Library has available. If you would like to reserve a service, or learn more about the services offered, please click on the links below. 







Library Hours of Operation

The OMS Library is open from 7:30am -3:45pm. Please see our Morning Library Hours for details about designated days for grade levels. 

Morning Library Hours
OPENS Sept 6th!

7:30 - 8:10 am 

Morning Library is for students to have time to checkout, play board games, create, or just have some downtime to get ready for the school day! 

We cap our attendance to 50 students. It is a first come first serve basis. :) 
Students Taking Exams
Mini Lessons


Choose from a variety of pre designed topics, or set up a meeting with Ms. Smartt to collaborate and tailor lessons to meet the specific needs of your classroom! 

Mini Lesson Menu COMING SOON

Nintendo Switch Competitions!


Schedule a time to come to the library, but be able to go ANYWHERE! 

Ms. Smartt would love to sit down and brainstorm destinations and lesson plan ideas with classroom teachers 

Coming to a Library Near You!

Stay tuned for information on Book Fairs this year! Like everything else, I am sure they will look different, but we are hoping to find a way to still host a fair to support our library! :) 

Book Fair

Book Tastings

Teachers, do your students have a hard time picking out what they would like to read? Maybe they don't even enjoy reading at all! 

Schedule a time for your students to come to the library for a book tasting event! 

Students will be introduced to titles from various genres! Perfect for the avid reader stuck in a rut, or reluctant readers who don't know what to choose! The goal will be a reading list that students will create in Destiny Quest for future visits to the library for checkout! :) 

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